Aussie Bodies ProteinFX Caramel Fudge 12 Bars 65g

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Aussie Bodies ProteinFX bars provide an ideal source of protein and carbohydrates that can support an active lifestyle.
It contains whey protein concentrate and Supro soy protein which are great sources of fast-absorbing proteins. This makes the product useful for supporting muscle function during intense work-outs and muscle recovery following such exercise. Whey and soy proteins can also help support appetite.
This product provides are a combination of fast and slow-absorbing carbohydrates. Fast-absorbing ones are rapidly converted into glucose (meaning the stored glycogen is not used) for quick energy. Slow-absorbing ones are important for the growth process since they fuel the body with energy continuously.
When such a combination of carbohydrates is available for energy, it means that the protein in each bar is utilised solely for muscle support

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