Nutralife Super Fat Mobilisers Tablets 60

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Nutra-Life Super Fat Mobilisers provides a highly effective liptropic formula (liptropic compounds are those that can assist in the metabolism of fat) that can be highly effective in the management of fat.

The formulation contains:
Choline (which could be useful in maintaining healthy lipid metabolism. Choline deficiency has been associated with liver abnormalities);
Inositol (which could be useful in helping fat metabolism and supporting healthy lipid levels in the blood);
Methionine (an amino acid that plays a role in the maintenance of healthy lipid levels and supports healthy fat metabolism);
Carnitine (an amino acid that plays a role in the utilisation of fat as an energy source by muscle cells).

Nutra-Life Super Fat Mobilisers can also enhance healthy metabolism since it provides additional herbs and vitamins to act as co-factors.
This product could assist weight management and increase energy.

Active Ingredients:

Each Tablet Contains:
Methionine 333.3mg Choline Bitartrate 333.3mg Inositol 333.3mg L-Carnitine 50mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 7.5mg Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 8ug Herbs (as Ext. Dry Conc Eq. to Dried); Fucus Vesiculosis whole herb (Kelp) 25mg Equiv. Iodine 5ug Tarazacum Officinalis whole herb (Dandelion) 25mg.


Take one tablet three times daily before meals with water.


Not recommended for use if pregnant or lactating, or have any medical condition.

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