Natures Way System Well Tablets 90

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There are seven aspects to healthy immunity: respiratory, digestive, epidermal, circulatory, systemic, lymphatic and cellular.
Natures Way SystemWell Ultimate Immunity provides a comprehensive formula that can encompass all seven aspects, thereby providing optimal immune support to the body.
This product can promote immune function so that the body can combat seasonal infections and maintain genera well-being.

Active Ingredients:

8.3mg aloe leaf, 28.3mg arabinogalactan, 33.3mg astragalus, 11.6mg cayenne, 13.3mg cordyceps, 83.3mg echinacea purpurea, 13.3mg elecampane, 25mg fenugreek, 20mg fructooligosaccharides, 125mg garlic, 20mg ginkgo, 25mg goldenseal, 16.6mg gotu kola, 16.6mg gugul extract, 25mg horehound, 25mg IP-6, 20mg maitake, 16.6mg mullein, 13.3mg myrrh gum, 21.6mg olive leaf, 23.3mg oregon grape, 13.3mg plantain, 900mcg probiotic blend, 20mg reishi, 20mg shiitake, 25mg siberian eleuthero, 16.6mg thyme, 20mg yamabushitake, 1666 I.U. vitamin A, 333mg, vitamin C, 66 I.U. vitamin D, 8.5mg zinc, 8.3mcg selenium


1-2 tablets daily. Up to 12 tablets to fight infection.

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