Natures Way Ginkgold 100 Tablets

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This Natures Way product provides ginkgo biloba leaf extract which can help support the circulatory system.
Ginkgo is helpful for providing support for cognitive functions such as memory and concentration since it benefits healthy circulation to the brain.
It may also be beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system.
Ginkgo has general antioxidant properties which means it can protect the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, making it ideal for the maintenance of general health and well-being.

Active Ingredients:

Ingredients per tablet:

Patented Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (EGb761) 60mg 

(concentrated (50:1), standardised to 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6%  terpene lactones)


Two tablets daily.


None known. Ginkgold® is unique in that precautions (including warnings about antiplatelet activity) that may apply to other Ginkgo extracts do not apply to this product. It is, however, advisable to cease intake of Ginkgold® at least a week prior to surgery. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.

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