Natures way Ginkgo Capsules 60

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Natures Way Ginkgo biloba is a technically and scientifically advanced herbal extract standardised to 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones, supported by whole gotu kola herb. Clinical studies on gingko biloba extract show that it supports circulation to the brain as well as the extremities improving mental sharpness, clarity and memory. This is achieved by maintaining healthy blood vessel tone and reducing blood viscosity. Additionally, ginkgo biloba is a proven free radical scavenger and antioxidant. Gotu kola is a stimulating, rejuvenating tonic that aids nervous system and brain function.
Usage: For conditions associated to poor circulation to the head, brain, genitals, hands and feet - poor memory, foggy brain , sexual dysfunction etc.

Active Ingredients:

60mg std ginkgo leaf 36-65:1 extract (24% ginkgo flavone glycosides, 6% terpene lactones), 400mg whole gotu kola


1 capsule two times daily.

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