Natures Way Capsicool Capsules 100

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This supplement gives you the benefits of cayenne without causing any gastrointestinal discomfort.
Natures Way Capsicool includes ginger and glucomannan in order to create the finest controlled heat cayenne available.
Cayenne is great for supporting circulation and cardiovascular health.

Cayenne which originates from South America ,is used widely as a food spice.The fruit of the cayenne is used medicinally.It contains Capsaicin, which supports the nerve endings, the circulation and provides weight management support through its ability to support fat metabolism.

The Glucomannan in this formula , is a fibrous material derived from the Konjac root.It provides support for the bowel through its effect on regularity through its bulk forming ability. It also supports the body's blood lipids and the body's blood sugars and provides support for weight management.

Active Ingredients:

40,000 H.U. cayenne, ginger root, glucomannan


2 capsules two times daily.

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