Natures Sunshine Vitamin C 1000mg TR Tablets 60

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  • Nature's Sunshine Time Release Vitamin C id designed with a slow release profile to slowly deliver the vitamin C over an extended period of time and only releasing its contents after reaching the intestine.
  • Vitamin C performs many function involving the immune system and tissue development.
  • It is involved in iron absorption and in the syntheses of enzymes, hormones and proteins.
  • The adrenal gland needs large amonuts of this nutrient in order to support immunity and help produce energy.
  • Vitamin C is easily washed from the body and needs to be replaced constantly.

Active Ingredients:

1,000 mg Vitamin C per tablet (1,670% of the Daily Value), lemon bioflavonoid extract, hesperidin, rutin, acerola fruit extract and rose hips extract.


Take one tablet daily with a meal.

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