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Natures Nurse Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub 80g

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This cream combines Arnica (to help reduce swelling and bruising), MSM (natural mineral analgesic from leafy green plants) for rapid natural pain relief), Comfrey leaf extract (to help heal tendons, ligaments and scar tissue), Colloidal minerals (used as building blocks for tissue and muscle repair) and Peppermint essential oil (cooling and reviving for hot over used muscles and joints)

Deeply penetrating formula with no painful burning after effect.

Ideal for sports teams and physios.

Fresh smelling herbal mint aroma – no strong locker room odour.Cooling, hypoallergenic, non greasy and pleasant to use.

Active Ingredients:

Arnica montana extract 50mg/g - reduces swelling & bruising, rapidly aids recovery, assists warm up. Methylsuphonyl-methan (MSM) 50mg/g - natural mineral gives afe, fast acting relief from injury, increases ligament stretch in warm up. Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) leaf extract 30mg/g - for bruising & ligament repair. Mentha piperitta (Peppermint) Essential Oil 10mg/g - helps cool & soothe.

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