Narium Nasal Drops 25ml

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Narium provides relief from dry, inflamed nasal membranes, due to Cold, Allergies, Low humidity, Minor nose bleeds, Over-use of nasal decongestnats and other irritations.

It thins mucosal secretions which aids in the removal of Mucus from the nose and sinuses.

Active Ingredients:

Each ml of narium contains Sodium Chloride 6.5mg preserved with Phenoxyethanol and benzalkonium Chloride


The dose of Narium is to instil one full dropper of solution into each Nostril with the head tilted back.

This may be repeated as often as required.

For relief of Sinusitis repeat the above dose 6-7 times into each nostril,tilt the head for 10 seconds to each side and tilt to the front for a further 10 seconds.

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