Malcolm Harker Sniffle Juice 500ml

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This product has pleasant taste and rich in mineral. It contains pure blackberry fruit. Great to treat coughs, colds and lung congestion. It is an iron rich product that acts as a blood tonic and maintains red cells and haemoglobin.

This juice has an energising activity and is good as a general pick-me-up medication. Great for all age groups, especially children and the elderly. Supports lung capacity and makes breathing easier.

Active Ingredients:

Herbs:Chondrus chrispus, licorice root, pure blackbery pulp.

Essential Oils:Aniseed, jojoba, lemon,menthol,peppermint,spearmint.

Other ingredients: Celtic sea salt, citric acid,organic iodine, vegetable glycerine.


Adults:5ml to 10ml 4 to 6 times daily before food.

Child: Half the adult dose.

Baby: Quarter the adult dose.

Swill the dose for 10 seconds before swallowing.


If taking prescription medication with this medication, reduce dose by half and take 20 minutes before drugs.

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