Malcolm Harker Chest Clear 100ml (previously Lung Elixir)

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This is a traditional blend of herbs to support airways in the chest and soothe bronchial passages.

It loosens catarrh and dissolves phlegm reducing inflammation and congestion.

Great support for lung weakness, fever, colds, wheezing and sore lungs.

Active Ingredients:

Herbs:Chondrus cripus, cayenne, ginger root, honeysuckle leaf, kumarahou flower and leaf, licorice root.

Essential oils: Cedar,camphor, eucalyptol,eugenol,jojoba,lemon, lime, menthol, peppermint, pine.


Adults: take 5ml to 10ml 4 to 6 times daily pre-meals. Child: half the adult dose.

Baby: Quarter the adult dose. Swill the dose around the mouth for 10 second before swallowing. Ideal for babies (1-6 drops)


If taking prescription medication with this medication, reduce dose by half and take 20 minutes before drugs.

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