Malcolm Harker Soothing Itch Relief 125ml (previously Chronic Itch Relief)

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This elixir is a more potent version of Skin Peace, and was formulated to help relieve dry, itchy skin. It provides fast relief from intense itching and skin discomfort. Please not, may sting on application, this sting soon subsides due to its anodyne properties.

This lotion can be applied to very itchy, dry or scaly skin to help relieve topical symptoms and heal minor scratches, though there will be stinging involved because of the raw, exposed nerves. This ‘smarting’ is temporary.

Active Ingredients:

Oils & Ethers
Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora (also known as Laurus camphora)) Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) Eucalyptol (Eucalyptus globules) Eugenol (Eugenia aromaticum) Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Menthol Oil (Mentha piperita) Olive (pure virgin (Olea europaea) Peppermint (Mentha × piperita) Pine (Commercial) (Pinus radiata) Turpentine (natural) (Pinus larix (tree resin))

Aloe Vera (Aloaceae vera) Gums Acacia (Acacia decurrens)

Carrageen (Irish Moss) (Chondrus crispus)

Glucate cream (natural) () Glycerine (veg) () U.V. Light-Treated Rain Water

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