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Livatone Plus Powder 200g

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St.Mary's Thistle has been shown to exert a protective effect on the Liver cells due to its antioxidant properties and essential fatty acids, which may contribute to its anti-inflammatory effect.

St mary's Thistle contains Silymarin, which studies have shown is of benefit in helping the Liver to recover from the toxic overload of everyday life and normalising serum liver enzymes (AST, ALT, GGT).Silymarin may increase the quality of the powerful liver portector called Glutathione, and improves protein synthesis in the Liver. It may assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and in the management of Halitosis (Bad breath). Livatone plus helps rid the body of waste and promotes elimination via a cleansing effect on the bowel.

Active Ingredients:

Each 2 teaspoonful (5g) contains: Silybum Marianum (St Mary's thistle) fruit 35g equiv to silybin 420mg, Camelia sinensis (Green tea) leaf 25.2mg, Dunaliella salina fresh cell 4.5mg,Thiamine HCL 10mg, Riboflavin 10mg, Nicotinamide 10mg, Nicotinic acid 10mg, Calcium pantothenate 20mg, Pyridoxine hcl 10mg, Folic acid 400mcg, Biotin 120mcg, Cyanobalamin 120mcg, Calcium ascorbate 121mg, Vitamin E 100iu, Zinc 5mg, Cysteine HCL 40mg, Glutamine 80mg, Glycine 80mg, Taurine 400mg.


Adults- begin with half a level 5ml metric teaspoon twice daily. After one week increase to One level 5ml metric spoon twice dailt with food. Mix powder in water or fruit juice or as prescribed.

Drink plenty of water.


Do not use during Pregnancy without medical advice.

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