Kyolic Echinacea Formula 117 Caps 60s

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Kyolic Echinacea Formula 117 provides a highly potent formula that may support immune system activity and help in the maintenance of the circulatory and lipid systems.
The product provides Aged Garlic Extract which may be useful for its antiseptic activity .
Garlic may also have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and it has a beneficial effect on lipids and fats.
Some studies also suggest that regular consumption of garlic can aid stomach and colon health
The product also includes extract from roots of Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia) which can support immune function by activating white blood cells. Echinacea contains three constituents, alkylamides/polyacetylenes, caffeic acid derivatives and polysaccharides, that work together benefit white blood cell production and activity.
This product can be useful as a solution for conditions such as winter ills, for the immune system and as an aid to the circulatory system.

Active Ingredients:

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (Conc Dry Extract Allium sativum) 120mg Providing S-Allyl cysteine 300ug Equiv to: Fresh Garlic Bulb 600mg Herbal extract Dry, Equiv. To Echinacea angustifolia Dry Root 250mg Providing Echinaside 1.25mg


Take one capsule three times daily with or after meals.

High frequency dose: Take one capsule every one to two hours (maximum of 12 per day) when cold or flu symptoms threaten.

Children s dose (6 to 12 years): Take one capsule up to every two to three hours (maximum six per day).

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