Goodhealth Supercal Bonefood - 150 tabs

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Calcium is stored in the bones and it is required for the maintenance of bone health. Calcium is also required for important processes such as nerve and muscle function and helping with the formation of blood clots.
This means that if you do not consume adequate amounts of calcium, the stored calcium in the bones will be absorbed and used where needed, elsewhere in the body. This means not enough calcium remains to keep the bones in optimal condition.
Goodhealth Supercal Bonefood can help you maintain healthy levels of calcium in the body since it provides a highly potent formula containing hydroxyapatite, citrate and highly absorbable forms of calcium. The formulation also contains magnesium, silica, boron, manganese, zinc and vitamins D and K to encourage efficient calcium absorption and assist proper calcium storage.

Active Ingredients:

Each Good Health Supercal Bonefood tablet contains:Calcium citrate 650mg, Calcium hydroxapatite 550mg, magnesium oxide 225mg, Horsetail extr 50mg, Manganese amino chelate 10mg, Zinc gluconate 2.5mg, Vitamin K4 2ug, Vitamin D3 2.5ug, Boron 1mg.


Adults: 1 to 4 Good Health Supercal Bonefood tablets daily before meals.

The evening dose is essential to avoid bone depletion.

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