Goodhealth Body Cleanse Total Body Detox

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This supplement can be useful in supporting the bowel and the liver, and aiding the liver in its filtering processes.
The formula provides extracts from dandelion root and milk thistle, which are useful as liver tonic making them beneficial for the health and function of the liver. The formulation also includes extracts from red clover, burdock root and yellow dock since they have been shown to be useful in cleansing the blood and the kidneys.
The product also includes a comprehensive multi-fibre formula to help regulate the toxicity of the intestines, soothe the membranes and promote healthy bowel movements.
This product can be used to cleanse the body during a rapid 1 week or a gentle 1 month detoxification program (depending on your condition and lifestyle).

Active Ingredients:

Herbal multi cleanse: Burdock root 150mg, Cascara bark 50mg, Dandelion root 250mg, Irish moss 35mg, Liquorice root 75mg, Milk thistle seed 10.5mg, Red clover 75mg, Turmeric 50mg, Yellow dock 50mg, Chylorella 200mg, Pectin 50mg, Taurine 50mg, Ascorbic acid 150mg.
Herbal Multi fibre: Barley grass powder 50mg, Beetroot powder 100mg,Flax seed powder 200mg, Pectin 20mg, Psyllium husk powder 200mg, Slippery elm 100mg.


Dose varies as to whether you use the 7 day quick cleanse or the 1 month maintenance cleanse.


Body Cleanse is not suitable in Pregnancy.

Drink large quantities of water while taking this supplement.

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