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Go Antibiotics Support Vegecaps provides five clinically proven, stomach acid resistant and heat stable probiotic strains which can prove very useful when taken during and after antiobiotic medication.
A course of antibiotics is effective in killing disease-causing bacteria, but such a course also reduces the population of the good bacteria that reside in our gut. Keeping the numbers of such bacteria at a healthy level is important for digestive health, normal immune function and general well-being.
Go Antibiotics Support provides these good bacteria, thereby helping to maintain their population in the gut.
Complimentary products to Go Antibiotics Support are Go Multi Everyday/Go Multi Teen Everyday (which can prove useful for general well-being), Go Vir-Defence (for anti-bacterial support and the maintenance of normal immune system function) and Go B Complex (which helps increase energy levels).

Active Ingredients:

Ingredients per VegeCap
HOWARU restoreis a registered trademark of Danisco

HOWARU restoreContaining 40 billion live cells:
Lactobacillus Acidophilus (strain ATCC-SD5221) 10 billion
Lactobacillus paracasei (strain Lpc-37) 10 billion
Bifi dobacterium lactis (strain Bi-07) 10 billion
Bifi dobacterium lactis (strain Bl-04) 9 billion
Bifi dobacterium bifi dum (strain Bb-02) 1 billion

Heat Stable* - Can be kept in fridge or on shelf prior to opening.
(*Heat Stable at room temperature up to 25).
Once opened it is recommended to be refrigerated to extend life of cells.

GO Antibiotic Support contains HOWARU Protect clinically proven blend of 5 heat stable and stomach acid resistant probiotic strains totalling 40 billion live cells.


Directions During and After Medication:
Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily
Adults: Can be increased up to 2 VegeCaps daily
Children: (age 12+): Take 1 VegeCap daily
Best taken with food. Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

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