Fess Little Noses Saline Nose drops 25ml bottle plus Aspirator

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Fess Little Noses works by loosening and thinning nasal mucus and moisturising dry nasal passages. This helps to clear stuffy noses, allowing your baby to breathe easier. As babies insist on breathing through their nose, a clear nose is essential prior to feeding and sleeping.

Fess Little Noses is alcohol-free and non-medicated, so you can use it as often as you want and it is unlikely to irritate your baby s delicate nasal membranes.

also comes packaged with a special Nasal Aspirator. This aspirator is a rubber bulb syringe with a soft tip that gently suctions previously-loosened mucus from your baby s nose. Because babies cannot clear their noses as we do, the suctioning effect of the aspirator has the same effect as blowing to clear mucus congestion. Using the nasal aspirator to remove mucus will help avoid the harshness of tissues.

Active Ingredients:

Fess Little Noses Saline Nose drops contains:Sodium Chloride 7.04mg/mL


1) Lie baby flat on his/her back and tilt head back

2) Gently remove excess mucus

3) Hold the bottle upside down and gently squeeze 2 to 5 drops of Fess Little Noses Saline Nose drops into each nostril

4) Hold your baby in this position for 1 to 2 minutes to allow the mucus to thin

5) Hold the aspirator in one hand and expel air from the bulb BEFORE you place the tip at the entrance of your baby s nostril

6) Gently place the tip of the aspirator at the entrance of the nostril, pointing towards the back of the nose

7) Hold the other nostril shut to create a vacuum

8) Gradually let the air back into the bulb. The suction will pull mucus out of the nose into the bulb.

9) Squeeze the mucus out of the bulb onto a tissue

10) Repeat this procedure with other nostril. When you have finished, clean the aspirator with soap and warm water for continued use

Use as often as required.

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