Equazen Eye Q Capsules 60

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eye q offers a combination of the specific omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids required to aid optimal brain and eye function. The formulation is delivered in the form of high grade natural oils. We don t use the word natural lightly: in processing and selecting our oils, we ensure that pure, naturally-sourced fatty acids are used.

There is growing evidence that this formulation helps to deliver the optimum ratio of fatty acids for eye and brain function. Testimonials from parents and children have indicated real benefits in learning ability and concentration. eye q has become one of the leading supplements in the UK and European markets for anyone with concerns about fatty acid deficiency in learning and behaviour. The formulation has been scientifically tested, most notably in the ground-breaking Oxford-Durham schools trial, which investigated how fatty acids may be of benefit in the classroom.

Active Ingredients:

Omega 3 fish Oil 800mg giving EPA 186mg and DHA 58mg, Evening Primrose Oil (Omega 6) 200mg giving 200mg GLA, Natural Vitamin E 20mg.


Take 6 capsules per day for the first 12 weeks then reduce to 2 capsules per day.

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