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Clinicians Zinc Oral Drops 5mg/5 drops

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Clinicians Zinc Oral Drops is a well tolerated and high potency form of zinc.
Zinc is a trace mineral useful for healthy hormone production including Insulin, growth hormones and sex hormones, skin health, immune function.
It is used in hundreds of enzyme reactions within the body, and therefore is considered an essential trace mineral.
Zinc is also useful to assist wound healing and complement sexual function.

Active Ingredients:

Acive ingredients per 5 drops : 5mg Zinc sulphate


Mix with water or juice.
Adults: up to 11-15 drops per day.
Children and adolescents (9-18 years): up to 8-15 drops per day.
Children (4-8 years): up to 5-12 drops per day.
Children (1-3 years): up to 3-7 drops per day.


Do not take at the same time as other Calcium or Iron or Copper containing products as Zinc absorption may be compromised. Take at a different time of the day.

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