Clinicians Evening Primrose Oil Capsules 1000mg 90

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Clinicians Evening Primrose Oil provides essential Omega 3 fatty acids from a vegetable source, which are beneficial for hormone regulation, and is also beneficial for the health of the skin, the immune system , joints and the bronchial system. This product also contains vitamin E which protects the GLA from oxidation.

Active Ingredients:

Each Clinicians Evening Primrose Oil capsule contains:
Evening primrose oil 1000mg, containing gamma linolenic acid 100mg (GLA), other fatty acids including cis-linoleic acid and oleic acid 900mg., vitamin E 1mg.


Adults:Take 1 to 2 Clinicians Evening Primrose Oil capsules 2 to 3 times daily.
maintenance dose: 1 capsules once or twice daily.


Evening Primrose Oil is not recommended for those with epilepsy as GLA may increase siezures.
Those on blood thinning Warfarin should consult the GP before use, as high doses may affect clotting times.

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