Blackmores Ginkgoforte Tablets 40

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Blackmores Ginkgoforte is made of a highly potent formula that contains Ginkgo biloba extract (which provides a strong antioxidant effect) that protects nerve cells from oxidative damage.
The extract can also improve blood circulation to the brain leading to better distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
Therefore, Blackmores Ginkgoforte can be helpful in improving cognitive function and memory.

Active Ingredients:

Active Ingredients Per Blackmores Ginkgoforte Tablet : Ginkgo biloba(Ginkgo) extract equivalent to dry leaf 2 g (2000 mg) (standardised to contain ginkgo flavonglycosides 10.7mg and ginkgolides and bilobalide 2.7mg) .

Adverse Effects:

Blackmores Ginkgoforte may rarely cause mild gastrointestinal symptoms, headache or dizziness.


Adults - Take one Blackmores Ginkgoforte tablet three times daily with meals, or as professionally prescribed .

Children - For children under 12 years - only as professionally prescribed.


Seek the advice of your healthcare professional before use in pregnancy.

Inform your practitioner if you are using warfarin.

Discontinue use of Blackmores Ginkgoforte at least 2 weeks before surgery. Ginkgo biloba may increase the risk of bleeding associated with surgery.

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