Apis Mellifera Skin Cream 45g

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Apis mellifera is a steroid free cream consisting of 2 extracts containing organic hydrocarbons and proteins along with Coic acid and caffeic acid.
This product is derived from substances produced by bees, and blended into a cream.
Apis mellifera may be beneficial for soothing skin irritation and trauma and may also have a beneficial effect on the immune system.
It may be used on broken or unbroken skin.

Active Ingredients:

Emulsifying ointment BP 50% Aqueous cream BP 37% (contains phenoxyethanol as a preservative) Isopropyl alcohol 7% Apis Mellifera A - Organic hydrocarbons 0.15% Apis Mellifera B - Proteins 0.1% Unscented


Apply to the effected area as often as needed. It will work even in the areas where you don’t apply the cream.
It can also be used as a preventative for skin irritation and skin conditions.

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