Suregard Reusable Personal Protective Mask

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  • Suregard Reusable Personal Protective Mask is a universally fitting washable mask suitable for adults.
  • Made of porous polyurethane material for protection against dust and pollutants.
  • Double layered neoprene is 2 way stretchable to seal around your nose bridge, chin and ears.
  • Compatible with Sureguard Bacterial/Viral Filter Inserts (sold separately).


Fitting Instructions:

  • Open the bag and pull out the mask (taking extra care to only handle the outside of the mask.
  • If using the Suregard Bacterial/Viral Filter Insert, position the filter (over the exhalation port) and press to bind.
  • Unfold and stretch the ear straps over your ears.
  • Position the mask so it completely covers your chin and nose bridge.


  • Wash in warm soapy water by hand after every week of use. If sick, wash daily. Can be washed until the mask no longer seals across your nose bridge and chin. This wil vary from person to person.
  • When not in use, keep the mask folded and store sealed in a container or in the original packaging.
  • The Suregard Reusable Personal Protective Mask does NOT guarantee filtration of microscopic virus particles. This mask serves as a physical barrier.

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